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Deck with temporary step

Deck with temporary step

September 02, 2006

The finished deck measures about 8'x8', and sits about 9"-10" off the ground (we leveled three corners with paver stones) and about 5" beneath the sill of the French doors. We threw a few paver stones in front of the deck to act as a temporary step, though at some point we'll replace them with a real step. Total cost: ~$250

There's about 20' of space between the back of this deck and the "front" door to the rear bedroom visible in the background. We'll eventually fill this space in as well, either all at once or in two stages.

We've also left about three feet of space clear between the deck and the side fence. We'd eventually like to screen in this deck and make it an enclosed porch; the space on the side allows for an unencumbered path from front yard to back.