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It looks fantastic! I like the color scheme a lot - very mellow and cooling.


I LOVE your house! You've done so well with it!

We have an Ikea kitchen in a Victorian House and it looks fine, I went for a 30's/40's style as it looks better than something really modern. It was cheapest about and looks really good, FIL fit it!

Enjoy moving in and finding room for all your things!


You have great choice in colours, and I totally agree about making your own curtains - at least the easy ones! When we built our conservatory we were quoted thousands to get custom-fitted blinds for the roof. So, instead I used some sheer green silk I'd splashed out on for another project (don't ask) that'd been sitting in the cupboard for years. That plus some bamboo for strengthening and we had lovely ceiling screens that I love. It's amazing what you can do with a little ingenuity.

Glad also to see that the bathroom tiles have had a reprieve, even if just a short one. You might surprise yourself by growing to love them too!

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