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Congrats! My niece had a baby boy the 11th! Babies popping out everywhere :)

Enjoy your little girl!


Holllllah for Sophie and mamma and pappa!

you can Hollah back around april 18th!


Yay!! I was wondering!

She's a long little one. Way to go Absinthe family!



Jan. 12th is also my husbands birthday.

Cristina (CrissyPo)

Yay! She's beautiful :) Congratulations from Peter and me.


Congrats from the Michigan English Family.
Brett, Dee and Kids


She's a beautiful wee babe. Maybe next time I see her I'll drum up the nerve to hold her.


Y'all made a baby! And she's sooooo beautiful! Congratulations! I was going to come by the hospital on Saturday, but the maternity ward had never heard of you! Odd, that. But anyway - I love the photos and congratulations again! You'll both be fantastic parents!


Welcome Sophie Arabella! You are a lovely baby with a lovely name :)



Congratulations!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! (and what a great entry right after the "Hard Labor" entry!)


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